About Alice W. Chandler

Alice W. Chandler was a widely treasured colleague whose University career of more than 75 years included serving as the Office Manager for the President and Provost’s Office until the age of 93. In recognition for her dedication, the annual staff service recognition event is now named the Alice W. Chandler Staff Service Recognition Ceremony.

Alice, a native of Chicago, began working for the University at the age of 16, after she graduated from high school.

A close colleague described Alice as a constant reminder of how to live well, how to create a community and how to truly care about people.

Alice’s tireless devotion to her work, and to her colleagues, prompted many to describe her as a consummate caretaker: someone who cared deeply about solving the problems of people, inside and outside the workplace.

"At the end of her life, Mom told me she had absolutely no regrets about her family, the trips she had taken, or about the 75 years she had worked for this great University. What sustained her most in her career, was the people she came to know here - people in many walks of life, both young and old." said Alice's son, Dean Chandler.

The annual event recognizes the high standard of loyalty and service that Alice W. Chandler represented for many staff at the University of Chicago.